Zeb Stevenson -
Executive Chef

Executive Chef Zeb Stevenson brings an innovative approach to the contemporary American cuisine at Livingston Restaurant + Bar. Growing up in Indiana, Stevenson developed a love for the art of simple food. The Midwestern food culture that includes gardening, canning and hunting formed the basis of his culinary background and continues to influence his menus today.

Stevenson’s natural creativity led him to Cornell University to study fine arts, but it was a part-time job at a nearby restaurant that ignited his true passion. The young chef pursued his dream, working to solidify his position as a leader and trendsetter at several exceptional restaurants.

After relocating to Atlanta, Stevenson flourished as a sous chef at Dick & Harry’s under Chef Harold Marmulstein. It was there that he honed the technical skills of butchery, charcuterie, pastry and sauce work. Stevenson combined his academic approach to flavors with his innate creativity to develop daily menus at the Roswell institution. A move to Concentrics Restaurants provided more opportunity for advancement under Chef Nick Oltarsh. There, Stevenson was able to collaborate on menu design and develop his love of international cuisine.

In his next role as executive sous chef at Spice Market Atlanta, Stevenson thrived under the rigorous and precise training of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He became immersed in the flavors and techniques of Asian cuisine to add to his repertoire of international gastronomy. Stevenson began his tenure at Livingston Restaurant + Bar in March of 2009 as chef de cuisine. He collaborated with Chef Gary Mennie to create innovative menus and develop the progressive American cuisine that Livingston Restaurant + Bar is known for.

Now as the executive chef, he continues to build on the straightforward, yet refined American classics while keeping modern, fresh sensibilities in mind. Adding a twist of international ingredients creates an unparalleled flavor and invokes unique experiences from Livingston Restaurant + Bar diners night after night.

The Team Zeb Stevenson